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Peg Evans - Professional Celebrant and Wedding OfficiantPeg Evans, Wedding Officiant and Professional Celebrant, Toronto and area

Rituals are essential to us. They mark the biggest chapters of our lives, from beginning to end. As we grow and change, rituals help us reflect on where we’ve been, commemorate where we are, and hint at where we’re going in this journey called life. Rituals are central to our life stories.

One of the most important rituals you’ll experience is your marriage ceremony. However you choose to get married, it should reflect your values, feelings and ideals as a couple. It should engage all who are present with you; it should ensure that each and every one of them feels like they’re valued and connected to you. How your ceremony is conducted will remain with you forever. As a Professional Celebrant, I am legally certified to perform your marriage ceremony, and do so in a way that is unique and personal to you, with warmth, creativity and meaning.

This ritual is all yours, so we’re going to make it about the two of you.
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Peg Evans, Professional Celebrant and Wedding Officiant, Toronto and area