Marriage Ceremonies

wedding1One of the most important rituals you’ll experience is your marriage ceremony. However you choose to get married, it should reflect your values, feelings and ideals as a couple. It should engage all who are present with you; it should ensure that each and every one of them feels like they’re valued and connected to you. How your ceremony is conducted will remain with you forever.

Be it secular, inter-faith, same-sex, humanist, cross-cultural, alternative or traditional – a Celebrant ceremony is completely individual to the couple. There are no cookie-cutter celebrations. Every moment of the ceremony is carefully crafted and every word will be reviewed and approved by you before your wedding day.

I have received excellent training in the creation of wedding ceremonies, and have a great resource of alternative ways to recognize and symbolize your union, from the fasting of hands, to jumping the broom, to involving loved ones in the ceremony, and more. I will use my expertise to create a ceremony that captures the essence of who the two of you are and how you both wish to share your story with those present.

Ultimately, this is a joyful occasion and it’s supposed to be fun for everyone involved. It’s my promise that I will create and conduct for you a wedding ceremony that is engaging, meaningful and ultimately personal – an event that you and your guests will remember forever.

Let me tell your story.

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Peg Evans, Professional Celebrant and Wedding Officiant |